Tools that actually build.


SOA Integration solutions with a simple click.

For far too long, developers have had to worry about API key management but not anymore. With our simple to use dashboard, you can build your apps with a point and click solution without having to deal with data normalization or the need to parse any REST API. You have access to the entire API for each service unlike all the other competitors out there and build your perfect integration design pattern.


More API requests than you could ever need.

You can develop tools and apps that elevate the development lifecycle to a whole new level of performance and portability. Wherever your ideas take you, take them to a more scalable and vibrant level without having to worry about running out of API requests for any service. Each membership level comes with a myriad of options and requests with additional requests available automatically or upon request.


Drive continuous integration without the work.


Simple user management.

With converge, you get an enterprise level user management platform that allows your customers to sign-up / in with Google and Facebook and other popular services without building the infrastructure. When your user’s login with converge on a site, your data of them is updated automatically.

Simple email campaigns.

Whatever the task, contacting and emailing your customers in a streamlined way. Stop wasting time using email services that only let you use templates and require you to keep up with your users and their emails. Converge does that for you – automatically and makes email campaigns more effective and ultrafast.

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Automation for tasks.
Updates on your time.

Interacting with your dashboard is a great experience but most of it can be automated. Set a trigger to email you when a new user signs up or makes a payment. Set a trigger to send them an email after they make a payment or a welcome email after they signup. Setup triggers to monitor requests, summaries and more. You can even setup push notification on all your devices.


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Create a finance account for users after they register using converge


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Send an email to yourself each time someone sends you a payment


Want your own API.
We'll build it for you.

You can get custom APIs built by us that integrate into your existing infrastructure and alleviate enterprise silo issues.

Open your API to others to generate revenue.

Every API that we integrate goes through a rigorous testing and security process. If you want to coalesce your API with our service, you can generate substantial revenue as well as increase the reach of your services. If you want us to develop your API, we will build, scale and include SSO. You have the option to open it up to others, set limiting and charge as much or little as you want.



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